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RH Mittens in progress

We have been busy with our mittens design.
After a dozen trial and error, we feel the we are very close to reaching the point where we can proudly call  them RH mittens. 
Here are our progress photos.
1. The length is LONG to keep snow and draft out.  When cuffed, it is cute and girly. Opps the photos do not depict this.....we will re-load later.
2. Polar fleece will keep your hands nice and warm, best of all they are easy to care.
3. The thread on the dark grey mittens are white during the day and GLOWs at night!  Very mysterious.  I couldn't resist playing puppets in the dark.
4. The asymmetrical design, Mr. Rabbit on one hand and Ms. H on the other makes it easy to remember which mitten goes on your right and left...just kidding....

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